About Allan Bloomfield, New York Bankruptcy Lawyer

How I Can Help

For over 30 years, my focus in practicing law has been to help people overcome what seems to them to be insurmountable financial difficulties.  I have helped thousands of people file both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, and in most cases, they are able to keep all of their assets, including homes, cars, their retirement accounts and personal property.

When someone gets to the point where they cannot pay their bills, the pressure from their creditors can become so intense that they suffer both emotionally and physically.  We can help you eliminate all of that stress and have a new financial beginning.

I have always offered free initial consultations, either in my office or by telephone.  In these consultations, I will learn about your financial problems and explain the bankruptcy system to you so that you understand what you face.

I want my clients to be knowledgeable about bankruptcy so they know exactly what lies ahead and what relief they will have.  I have often been told by clients, after one consultation, that they have been able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in months.

Who Is Allan Bloomfield?

I am a graduate of the College of Law of Ohio State University.  After graduating I accepted a position with a well-known New York City bankruptcy law firm and moved to New York.  I have always practiced bankruptcy law and have had my own practice since 1988 and have always focused on helping individual consumers out of financial difficulties.

Bankruptcy is ninety percent of my practice, so I have quite a bit of experience.  Many people think that filing bankruptcy is difficult and full of hurdles, but I can assure you that I will make your case go as smoothly as possible and clear the hurdles for you.  You will never be left to figure things out on your own.  I will make sure you know what is going on and what you can expect.

The best part of my practice has been the people I have met and helped here in Queens, New York.  I have helped people in all kinds of financial difficulties, including people who have suffered a job loss or a medical occurrence that has caused a loss of income, and other people whose bills simply got away from them.

I have always tried to treat clients with courtesy and respect, the same way I would want to be treated if I were to consult someone.  My fees are quite reasonable considering what lawyers usually charge, and I offer my clients payment plans. I keep abreast of the latest developments in bankruptcy law and write for my blog as well as for National Bankruptcy Forum.

If you are ready to consider bankruptcy or if you want more information, please give me a call at (718) 544-0500 for a free consultation.  Even if you are not sure bankruptcy is right for you, you can still have a consultation to help you figure out what you should do.

My office is always open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and we are often open one or two evenings each week and on Saturday mornings.  And, of course, we can talk to you by telephone.

My office is located at 118-21 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills, New York 11375.  We are on the 6th Floor in Suite 617.  The building is on Queens Blvd. near Union Turnpike at the east end of Forest Hills.  The E and F trains stop right at our door, and if you call, I will be happy to give you directions.