What Is A Fraudulent Conveyance in Bankruptcy In New York?

Something that can surprise people when they file for bankruptcy is what is called a fraudulent conveyance. While the term “fraudulent conveyance” can sound almost criminal, but it is nothing of the sort. It refers to something a person may have done in the years before filing for bankruptcy that because of how the law 

Can I Keep My Tax Refunds If I File For Bankruptcy?

During the time at the beginning of each year when people are filing their income tax returns and expecting tax refunds, they often wonder if they will be able to keep those refunds if they file for bankruptcy. Sometimes people delay the bankruptcy filing because they are afraid of losing their refunds, and end up 

Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement

Even though this is a blog about bankruptcy issues, we do have some advice about two ways to take care of one’s debts instead of filing for bankruptcy.  They are debt consolidation and debt settlement. Debt Consolidation Debt consolidation is where you pay your debts back through a debt consolidation company by sending them a 

Appearing in Court

Appearing in Court Video Transcription For people who file their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, there’s usually only one appearance in court required. This appearance is called the Meeting of Creditors. It is called the Meeting of Creditors because creditors are allowed to come to court and question the debtor; this almost never happens. The questioning in 

What About After I Have Filed For Bankruptcy?

Once the bankruptcy petition has been filed and you have gone to court, and two months later received your discharge, there are a few things you should know to make sure you get the most benefit from your bankruptcy. If You Forget to Include a Creditor in Your Bankruptcy One thing to be aware of 

Should I Reaffirm My Debt in Bankruptcy?

What is debt reaffirmation? In almost all cases where the debtor has a car loan or a mortgage, the creditor asks that the debt be reaffirmed.  Except in rare instances, we strongly recommend against reaffirming any debt. Reaffirming a debt is promising all over again to pay the debt even though it is discharged in 

Bankruptcy and Property Exemptions in NYC

The common question that people ask when they’re filing for a bankruptcy is what they will be allowed to keep. Attorney Allan Bloomfield speaks about main assets that are being protected in bankruptcy. One of the questions I am often asked when people are about to file bankruptcy is what they will be allowed to 

How to File for Bankruptcy in NYC

How to File for BankruptcyWhen people first call our office, they often ask, how do I file for bankruptcy? While there is a lot involved in filing for bankruptcy, the simplified answer is that they should come in for an initial consultation, at which time we will talk to them about their situation to make 

What Can Happen If You Don’t File Bankruptcy

What Will Happen If I Don’t File For Bankruptcy? This may seem like a strange question, “What will happen if I don’t file for bankruptcy?”, but this post is aimed at those who are considering bankruptcy, may have had an interview or two with a lawyer, and then put it off. When You Can’t Pay 

Will Delaying My Bankruptcy Filing Help Me Keep My NY State Tax Refund?

How NYC Bankruptcy can affect my tax return? The calendar is entering the last three months of the year when the leaves fall and the days get shorter and nights get longer and cooler.  And as we know that daylight savings time ends soon, we also know that bankruptcy trustees are going to be looking