What Makes People File for Bankruptcy

What Makes People File for Bankruptcy Video Transcription I once was asked to give a speech to a group of people who make their living collecting debts. One of the things I did was to go around the room and ask them what they thought made people file for bankruptcy. Most of them felt that 

Will People Find Out About My NYC Bankruptcy?

Clients often ask me whether other people will find out about their bankruptcy.  They do not want their employer, prospective landlords or their friends to find out.  They feel they will have difficulties with certain affairs if their bankruptcy becomes public knowledge. Bankruptcy Court records are public records, but they are not generally available on 

What Records Should I Keep If I Am Thinking Of Filing For Bankruptcy?

We hear from many people who want to know more about filing for bankruptcy but who may not be ready quite yet to file.  One thing they often ask is what records they should keep in case they do have to file.  The short answer is all of them.  If you keep too much, you