Will People Find Out About My NYC Bankruptcy?

Clients often ask me whether other people will find out about their bankruptcy.  They do not want their employer, prospective landlords or their friends to find out.  They feel they will have difficulties with certain affairs if their bankruptcy becomes public knowledge. Bankruptcy Court records are public records, but they are not generally available on 

What Do I Need To Do To File Bankruptcy In New York City?

Many people delay filing for bankruptcy because they do not know what it takes to file.  Waiting can mean more weeks of having your salary garnished, it can mean using pension withdrawals or loans to pay debts and it can mean having their bank accounts taken by creditors.  If they had acted sooner, the garnishment would 

What Will It Cost To File For Bankruptcy in NYC?

The cost of filing for bankruptcy can vary for many reasons.  Some lawyers charge more than others; some cases are more difficult than others; and some cases are easier than others.   Asking in the initial telephone call how much the attorney charges for a case is like going to a used car lot that sells 

Can I Keep My NYC House If I File For Bankruptcy?

If you own a house and file for bankruptcy, whether you will be able to keep the house depends on several factors.  One way to understand how this works is to understand what is supposed to happen in a bankruptcy case. When you file for bankruptcy, the idea is that all of your possessions will 

What Do I Do If Creditors Call After I File For Bankruptcy?

When you file a bankruptcy petition, your creditors receive a notice that you have filed, and when your case is finished, they receive a notice of your discharge, telling them that your case was successful and that you no longer have to pay your debts.  However, there are times when you will still hear from 

What Happens After My Bankruptcy Papers Are Filed With The Court?

The hard work of filing for bankruptcy is just getting your bankruptcy papers ready for filing.  The filing is done electronically with the push of a button over the internet.  However there is much more to your case, and you should be aware of what happens after the filing. When the papers are filed with 

What Records Should I Keep If I Am Thinking Of Filing For Bankruptcy?

We hear from many people who want to know more about filing for bankruptcy but who may not be ready quite yet to file.  One thing they often ask is what records they should keep in case they do have to file.  The short answer is all of them.  If you keep too much, you 

Getting Rid of a Second NYC Mortgage in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Voiding NYC Mortgage Liens in Bankruptcy One of the great benefits of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the ability to void a second lien on your home.  What this means is that if you have a first and a second mortgage, and the value of the house is less than the balance due on the 

Getting a NYC Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan Confirmed

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Queens – Getting Your Case Confirmed Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often referred to as a “wage earners plan.” What does this mean? Because many chapter 13 filers make a little too much income to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy, they propose a repayment plan with the help of their lawyer. For